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Our Mission

The Pisgah National Forrest is our playground. Inspired by what we believe to be some of the best singletrack on God’s green earth, our mission is simple…support those who support the passion. We want to see not only our local trails flourish, but local trails from across the globe. That’s why we started Singletrack Project, as a way to help ensure the sustainability of our mountain playgrounds.

Trail Endowment Program

Our commitment is to give 25% of all sales proceeds back to the non-profit organizations that dedicate their time to the stewardship of their local singletrack trails. It’s these organizations that allow us to enjoy our passion.

We’re a small group of dedicated artists, developers, videographers, and entrepreneurs trying to do our part. Our goal is to be transparent. After an initial rollout in December of 2018 we pulled back to fix some of the processes with our business model. With the help of a lot of dedicated and talented people we relaunched Singletrack Project in June of 2019.

Due to a small staff and new sales we will distribute funds to each respective trail organization annually at the end of each calendar year. Our hope is to one day distribute biannually or quarterly. We welcome an open dialogue regarding our commitment to the local trail organizations and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to us at and one of our staff will contact you at their earliest convenience.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

As a trail organization we can sell our own shirts and keep all of the profit. Why should we support Singletrack Project?
We agree! And we encourage you to do so. Our goal isn’t to take away donations from local trail organization. It’s to expand them through a platform that will reach a much larger audience. Singletrack Project encourages local organizations to sell locally. Our hope is to grow the awareness to the trails you call home, allowing us to contribute more to your bottom line.

Why only 25%?
We feel like this is a fair margin considering our cost of doing business. Singletrack Project is a passion project, consisting of a group of dedicated people taking time away from their families and their day jobs to bring this together. Taking into account web design, marketing, graphic design, inventory, travel, tradeshows, equipment, etc. the cost to grow this project is significant. Giving the trail organizations 25% allows us to do that while at the same time supporting the trails.

Does Singletrack Project align with trail organizations for special projects?
Absolutely. Aligning ourselves with local builders is a goal for us. Got an idea that you think we could help with? Reach out to use at and let’s chat.

I work with a trail organization and would like to see some of our trails featured on Singletrack Project.
Gaining local information from trail building organizations is the key to growing our list of trail designs. For this reason we created our “Show Us Your Trail” program that allows you to make recommendation for our design queue. Check it out on our homepage or click here to be redirected.